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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 19 April 2012

Democrats have perfected Saul Alinsky's Rule for Radicals:  "Pick the target.  Freeze it.  Personalize it. Polarize it."  It's called the politics of personal destruction - and today, it's all the Dems and their media lapdogs have left. 

As they can't argue from principles, policies, or track records, all they can do is engage in personal attacks on their opponents.  Now they are so desperate to destroy Mitt Romney, they are dredging up the ancient tale of the family dog, Seamus, riding on the roof of the family car in 1983.

Turns out, though, that while Romney's dog ended up on the roof of his car, Zero's dog ended up on the roof of his mouth. 

Zero's supporters say he would never put a dog on the roof of his car - it would dry out the meat.  And you know what Zero does when his dog gets stuck - he grabs a toothpick.

The Daily Caller has a compendium of these gags spun off Zero's revelation in his Dreams book that he ate dog meat as a kid in Indonesia.  There's also a new Romney campaign poster:
The signs continue to mount that Romney is headed for the presidency by a landslide.  Zero will be lucky to carry ten states (e.g., California, New York, and Leftie New England - one of them won't be Pennsylvania).  One of the main reasons will be dogs - yellow dogs. A new breed of yellow dogs.

You may be old enough to remember the term, "The Solid South."  This referred to the 13 states of the Confederacy (including Missouri and Kentucky) in which the Democrat Party held a monopoly of power for generations after Reconstruction ended in 1877.  In the 18 presidential elections from 1880 to 1948, the Republican candidate won only 14 states out of a total of 234 (13x18=234) - with half of those, 7, going for Hoover in 1928 due to Al Smith being a Roman Catholic Yankee.

During those years, folks in the South proudly called themselves "Yellow Dog Democrats" - meaning "I'd rather vote for a yellow dog than a Republican."

They're an almost extinct breed in the South nowadays, but there are still plenty of them all over the country, the moochers and parasites dependent on government handouts.  Zero is depending on the votes of Yellow Dog Democrats to be reelected.

It is thanks to Zero, however, that a new breed of yellow dogs has emerged:  Yellow Dog Republicans. Folks who would rather vote for a yellow dog than for Obama. Because of them, Romney is In like Flynn.

Now, Romney is no yellow dog.  He is very bright - far more intelligent than Zero - and very accomplished.  He knows more about and achieved more in the real world than Zero, vastly so.  He is pro-capitalist and pro-American - while Zero is the antithesis of both.  He has as many moral qualities that are admirable as Zero has that are contemptible.

That said, Romney is no Ronald Reagan.  Romneycare and his multitude of flip-flops are a tremendous turn-off for conservatives who wanted a real 10th Amendment nominee like Sarah Palin or Rick Perry.  Thus we see the punditocracy's prediction that support among the "GOP base" (i.e., conservatives) will be lukewarm and unenthusiastic, that GOP voters will drag themselves to the polls only to vote against Zero, thus ensuring Romney's defeat.

This is the opposite of what is going to happen - indeed, what has already started to happen.  Ever hear of Festinger's Theory of Cognitive Dissonance?  Psychologist Leon Festinger (1919-1989) demonstrated experimentally that when there is a conflict between a person's behavior and beliefs, they will most often resolve it by changing what they believe to rationalize what they do. Not the other way around.

With Romney, this means that the majority of conservatives with antipathy towards him, yet know they will vote for him as ABO (Anybody But Obama), will progressively abandon that antipathy as November looms closer.  They will focus more and more on his positive attributes and less and less on his negatives. 

Want some evidence?  Last Saturday (4/14), there was a huge Tea Party NObama Rally at the Embarcadero in San Francisco, with some 600 tea partyers and patriots from all over the Bay Area attending.  "Hear us shout! Vote Obama out!" and "Hold the House! Seize the Senate! NObama 2012!" were their rallying cries.

As PJ Media and many others noticed, it ended up becoming a Tea Party Rally for Romney, with "nearly universal Romney support," because "contrasted against free-spending big-government Obama, even a moderate conservative like Romney seems like a messiah by comparison. And just about everyone at the rally realized that."  The PJ Media link has a great series of pictures.  You'll enjoy them, I'm sure.

Then there's this story Wednesday (4/18), Romney In Demand With GOP Hopefuls, reporting that "while some Democrats have made it clear that they would rather not be seen with President Obama on the campaign trail this fall... conservative Republicans in the South to moderates in the Northeast to endangered freshmen out West" all want to campaign with Romney.  

We have 6½ months to go before America's Nightmare ends (or starts to, as it will continue until Inauguration on January 20).  Zero will go for every dirty trick in the book.  His campaign will be endlessly and revoltingly vicious and dishonest.  But one thing he won't do: actually improve the economy and increase private sector employment (that is, real jobs).  He won't because he can't - he's a Marxist to the marrow.

Thus the numbers of Yellow Dog Republicans will grow to overwhelming numbers - and their enthusiasm for Romney will grow concomitantly.  This is not an endorsement of that enthusiasm - just a prediction.

What about the cheating, the massive voter fraud planned by Zero and Holder?  The answer lies in Hugh Hewitt's book (indeed, in the book's title), If It's Not Close They Can't Cheat

In 2008, all the enthusiasm was on Zero's side.  The only enthusiasm on our side was for Sarah, not McCain.  There is none for Zero today - just the fear and anger of moochers afraid their gravy train will be derailed.  It's on our side now.  You and I would never have guessed its focus would be Mitt Romney.  But, as the Tea Party NObama rally showed last Saturday, it will be - thanks to Romney's Yellow Dogs.




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